In 1895 Roentgen identified most of the properties of x-rays

In 1896, the first clinical use of x-rays when two British doctors used them to find a needle in a woman’s hand. The military first used x-rays in Naples, to locate bullets in the forearms of two soldiers who had been wounded in Italy’s Ethiopian campaign.

In 1899, Haga and Wind noticed a slight broadening of an x-ray beam after it passed through a slit, a few thousandths of a millimeter wide, suggesting the possibility of diffraction if a narrow-enough slit could be found.

1800 x-ray machine

Did you know

X-rays are unaffected by electric and magnetic fields X-rays resembled cathode rays in so far as they both cause ionisation.

Toepler Machine

It was intended for medical use, and has an X-ray tube controller as an integral part.