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Neo-conceptual Art

Neo-conceptual art describes art practices in the 1980s and particularly 1990s to date that derive from the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 1970s see image (top left) Skin Deep 1989. Many contemporary artists have taken many of the concerns of the “conceptual art” movement proper up since the initial wave of conceptual artists.

While many of these artists may not term themselves "conceptual artists", ideas such as anti-co modification, social and/or political critique, digital art, ideas, and information as medium continue to be aspects of contemporary art, especially among artists working with computer art, installation art,performance art, net art and electronic art see image (bottom left) Kruger Flag 1991. Many critics and artists may speak of conceptual aspects of a given artist or artwork, reflecting the enduring influence that many of the original conceptual artists have had on the art world.