HOLLYWOOD 1930–1939

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THE 1930'S

Following the collapse of the Wall Street stock market in 1929, the United States and Europe suffered a depression which dramatically hit luxury trades, including fashion. Chanel lost some business but she retained her lucrative Indian and South American markets and continued to dress an international wealthy and fashionable elite. At the end of decade the Germans invaded Paris, and Chanel fled to Switzerland where she resided for ten years.

Fashion 1930–1939

Women’s clothing in the 1930’s rejected the angular severity of the previous decade. Although fashion remained slender in form, garments were designed to follow and accentuate, rather than deny the bust, waist and hips. For day and evening wear Chanel started to use crisp frills around the collars and cuffs in a strongly contrasting color, often white on a black suit or dress. This would become one of her many signatures