COME BACK 1954-1971

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Revival period 1953-1971

By the time Chanel decided to begin work again in 1953, her achievements had passed into fashion history. Most of Chanel premises on the rue Cambon had been closed for 14yrs and to a new generation her name represented no more than a perfume.

By 1953 Chanel No. 5, were falling in spite of Marilyn Monroe’s much-quoted statement that she wore nothing but Chanel No. 5 in bed. The market had grown strongly competitive and it was decided that the successful re-opening of her couture house would revive interest to her brand. Preparations began in 1953, with Chanel returning to 31 rue Cambon, refurbishing the boutique, which had remained open for the sale of perfumes, the workrooms and her famous third floor apartment.

Chanel produced 130 models for the collection, which was awaited with eager anticipation, fuelled by the advance publicity. At last, on February 5th 1954, the collection was revealed. Those who experienced the show at first hand found the atmosphere cold, silent, and a little peculiar. Most of the European press believed that Chanel was a prisoner of a period she influenced so strongly. In contrast abroad, American applauded her collection and return.